Whether you're a DJ, producer, or record label, stems have become one of the most popular topics in the music industry.

Stems enhance creative possibilities and whether it's a drum stem, bassline stem, melody stem, or even a vocal stem, stems help artists' musical abilities. While it can be difficult to come across song stems, we have compiled 5 ways to find song stems online.

What Are Song Stems?

Song stems (aka multitracks) are individual sections of a song. For example, there is a separate stems for vocals, strings, and synths within a single song. Producers will then take the song stems in order to remix the tracks. Stems are simply the channels bounced down to audio files.

1. /r/SongStems

The Song Stems sub-reddit is a place where Reddit users will request and offer up song stems that they've come across from time to time. The Reddit community has more than 26,000 readers and is one of the driving forces for producers to come across different stems.

2. Wavo

Wavo.me will run contests for remixes from time-to-time. In these contests, Wavo will typically grant high quality stems to songs. While they don't run as many contests anymore, Wavo was a great place to find free stems for quite some time.

3. Skio

Skio's remix contest features some of the most well-known songs on the web today. Currently, Skio is running a remix contest for Borgeous and Taylr Renee's “Sweeter Without You.”

4. Reach Out To Labels

While it may be difficult to reach out and grab the stems for Taylor Swift's latest song, often times labels are the best places to turn to in order to find high quality stems for certain songs. If the remix is good enough for their standards, the label may also grant rights to release an official remix of the song.

5. Traxsource

Traxsource will often sell stems from a variety of various artists and record labels. Here you will find a large collection of EDM stems.