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EDMSauce’s Must-Sees For EDC Orlando 2017

Ladies and Gentleman, EDC Orlando is less than a month away! Have you chosen which of your favorite artists you want to see? For those who aren't sure, we've got you covered. This is EDMSauce's Must-Sees for EDC Orlando 2017.

Kaskade (Sunset)
If you truly love listening to dance music, then this artist is definitely for you. Kaskade is one of the biggest DJs known in the EDM scene. He is particularly known to create spectacular music sets for every electronic music festival. He specializes in all kinds of house music, such as progressive house, electro house, deep house, and much more. For this music festival, in particular, he will be playing a sunset set where he will be performing some of his greatest hits as the sun goes down. This is one set you can't risk missing. Many surprises are in store for this once in a lifetime performance. Catch Kaskade's performance at the circuitGROUNDS stage this EDC Orlando.

Seven Lions
Seven Lions has never failed to provide his fans with a powerful yet sentimental set. His performances are guaranteed to make you dance and sing through all of its entirety. He is especially skilled in performing a variety of music genres such as dubstep, electro house, progressive house, and trance. If any of these genres fulfill your loves desire, then I suggest you see this truly fascinating DJ. He is guaranteed to provide you with a performance that you will never forget. You can watch his performance at the kineticFIELD stage this EDC Orlando.

This is an artist who has really been breaking through the electronic music scene lately. K?D is a new upcoming artist who is known to create some over exceptional sets. There is a reason why this artist has risen so high in this music scene. His music is unlike any other, bringing a party-heavy vibe to those who listen to his music. New to EDC Orlando? Want to make this year's event a memorable one? K?D will definitely help you with that. You can watch K?D perform at this year's circuitGROUNDS stage.

Rezz is an inspirational artist that no one should choose to miss. She is greatly known for creating some trippy yet laid-back vibes when she performs. During every performance, she wears one of a kind googles that light up in multiple ways. Unique is one of the many words to describe this adored artist. She is definitely worth seeing at least once in your life. You can watch her set at the kineticFIELD stage this EDC Orlando.

Are you a dubstep lover? Hardcore headbanger? If your answer was yes, then you have to see this all bass performer. Excision provides all kinds of music that go exceptionally hard. He plays music such as drum and bass, trap, glitch, hardstyle, and, most importantly, dubstep. Be warned, the amount of headbanging that you will be witnessing will astound you. You will be tempted to join the headbanging and there is no guarantee that you'll stop once you do. Catch Excision at the circuitGROUNDS stage this EDC Orlando.

Armin Van Buuren
Armin Van Buuren is an artist that many of us EDM fans hope to see perform live at least once in our lives. There is a reason why this is the case. Armin Van Buuren is one of the most humble DJs that truly enjoys his career. You can see this by not only the way he acts but the way he performs. He creates many types of electronic music such as house, progressive house, electro house, trance, and progressive trance. If any of these genres win your heart's desire, then you must see this phenomenal artist. You definitely will not regret seeing him perform; honestly, he will most likely make your EDC Orlando experience a memorable one. Watch Armin Van Buuren perform live at the kineticFIELD stage this year.

Diplo B2B A-trak
This is a B2B set that many of us would have never foretold would happen. Diplo and A-trak are some of the hottest DJs in the EDM scene, along with many others on this list. It is fair to see why these two artists are expected to come together to hopefully perform an unique set. Many people are expecting that they bring us some good vibes and partying times during this live performance. This, Ladies and Gentleman, is a true chance of a lifetime; if it is missed, the opportunity may never come again. Take a chance and watch these two come together to bring a once in a lifetime performance at the kineticFIELD stage.

If you haven't heard about Marshmello yet, then it's time for you to leave that rock you've been living under. Marshmello is known as the mysterious artist living under a helmet. Everyone and their squad knows who this over-popularized artist is. Guaranteed, his performance will be one of the most populated yet hyped up sets in EDC Orlando. There is no doubt that you will be falling love with this artist within the first few seconds of his performance. Marshmello plays many categories in the electronic music genre, such as future bass, trap, and progressive house. If any of these categories interest you, head over to the kineticFIELD stage this EDC Orlando and watch him perform.

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Check out the rest of the EDC Orlando lineup below.

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