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Calling All Creatures: It’s Time To Get Weird With Jade Cicada

Dear Philadelphians,

We are writing to you in reference to an event that is set for this Thursday, September 21. We have heard rumors that a mysterious half creature half man that goes by the name Jade Cicada is planning to touch down somewhere in Philadelphia. From the intel we have been able to gather, the most likely venue for his arrival is Coda, a sinful establishment located on Walnut St. This establishment, while revered by many in the community, is not a place you want to find yourself in. They have flowing alcohol all night, extremely loud and very aggressive music, and women dressed in all sorts of costumes with fire and light spinning from their hands. We know, it sounds like a nightmare.

Alongside Mr. Cicada, we have also heard chatter of the arrival of a king from the far reaches of the galaxy. He goes by the name CharlestheFirst. Although he has established himself as royalty, we cannot condone his actions. From our intel, we have discovered that he finds ways to leave those in his surrounding speaker area, in an absolute trance. Faint smiles and giggles can be seen and heard from in the crowd as the collective falls for his spells.

Fret not, these two can be avoided. Although the willful leaders in charge of this circus are only offering up attendance for the cheap price of $15, their capacity is almost full. So even if you somehow find yourself intrigued into the curiosity of the dark side of Thursday night, it seems that the possibility of one's presence will not be available much longer. We will have some EDM Sauce officers in house at Coda the night of, so make sure to find us inside if you want to stay safe. Things will out of hand the moment the doors open, so prepare yourself.


EDM Sauce PD.



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