Trance fam, you heard it hear first. The legendary, Paul Van Dyk has just graced us with some mega news for this fall.

The German pioneer will be releasing a brand new album, From Then On on October 20th.



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This will be the first LP PVD has released in almost three years, and marks record as his eighth studio album – talk about a revolutionary. The album marks tribute to a pivotal moment in Paul's life, where in 2016 he went through a rigorous rehabilitation process after his fatal accident, that almost left him dead.


This album will surely stand out from his previous seven, as it represents more than just music to the producer;

From Then On marks a turning point in Paul’s life, an album born from a shift in perspective. The record was written while Paul was traveling across the globe, as he re-emerged from the rehabilitation process that followed his near-death accident in early 2016. These first few months of touring and playing saw Paul experience culture, music, politics and geography with a radically shifted viewpoint.

Paul also announced “Aeon by Paul van Dyk” – a new, immersive performance concept that will showcase a live set-up, accompanied by top of the line visuals.