1. First and foremost, we all need to be sure to have purchased all of the essentials: tickets, hotel (or Airbnb), parking pass, etc.

2. Always stay hydrated!

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3. Check out the set times, research the undercards and enjoy the afternoon artists before the night's headliners.

4. Understand that Chet Porter is neither Chet Faker, nor Porter Robinson.

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5. You would not believe your eyes, Said The Sky's at Moonrise.

6. Have our “Road to Moonrise” playlist downloaded for your car ride to the festival.

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7. Mentally prepare your feelings for the emotional roller coaster as Porter Robinson's live show. (I'm ready!!)

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8. Physically prepare for two Carnage sets. Yes, your body needs to be ready for not only one state of Carnage, but two: Saturday and Sunday. (Is this .gif the right Carnage?)

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9. And lastly, (likely more important than anything else) remember to avoid social media on Sunday night to assure you don't accidentally read any Game of Thrones spoilers…

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We hope to see you there!

Cover Photo: Moonrise Festival