Even though ex-CEO of SFX Entertainment, Robert F.X. Sillerman, isn't one of the most popular guys around town these days. Since claiming bankruptcy back in 2016, Sillerman's name hasn't been mentioned much in the news. This morning, news broke that the most expensive home went on the market in the Hamptons and it used to be owned by Robert Sillerman.

The massive property that was assembled from four different plots of land has just hit the market for a staggering $150 million. The house, formerly owned by Robert Sillerman, includes a 12,000 square foot main house, outdoor pool, pool house, two golf greens, a golf house, and a tennis court.

The house is located on Meadow Lane, which is often referred to as “Billionaire Lane.” Take a look at the incredible pictures of the property below.

Check out the house for yourself here.