Thanks to KSHMR, winter has come a few days early. Today, July 14th, KSHMRThe Golden Army dropped their remix of the Game Of Thrones theme song. If you are a die hard Game Of Thrones fan like me, this track has been a long time coming.

The remix comes in hot with a thumping bass line that rides into the beginning of the track. The track then builds up using the original theme into an absolute BANGER of a drop. When I heard this drop for the 1st time, I caught myself doing the Armin double hand raise, it was that good. For the 2nd part of the song, it once again uses the original song to build you up into another thumping drop.

This remix is exactly what I needed today to get me through these next 72 hours until we can once again be back in the amazing world of Game Of Thrones. Check it out below, and you can download it for FREE in sound cloud description!