This is downright almost witch craft at this point. Alien witchcraft folks, that is the only way to explain it. Coming in like an unstoppable force, Rezz has dropped yet another single. This is one that may have outdone her previous release, ‘Relax', which we gave the difficult to achieve 5 star rating. Needless to say ‘Diluted Brains' has also hit a perfect score.

The Artist of 2017

I mean this when I say it – Rezz is positioning herself to be the best artist in 2017. She won our staff poll for best up and coming artist in 2016 and carried the momentum from last year forward. Rezz's sound has evolved drastically in all the right ways. Her creepy, atmospheric sound is powerful; so powerful that her latest two releases have outdone Deadmau5 himself. I do not say that lightly. Deadmau5 is without a doubt one of the most talented musicians of our generation, but the production level Rezz has pumped into her debut album is downright fantastic.

‘Diluted Brains'

Mentioning Deadmau5 above seems keen especially for the review of ‘Diluted Brains'. There is a section of the track that is reminiscent to Mau5's mega hit, ‘Slip', off of his acclaimed album, ‘Random Album Title'. This piece comes in around 1:20. It is nothing short of brilliant. Eerie feelings reign supreme as the chime like notes ring out creating a sense of uneasiness in the listener. It is like ‘Slip' was rearranged for a horror movie and it works perfectly. 5 stars. I would give this track 6 stars if I could. Rezz keep doing what you are doing – and never stop.


Overall Rating
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