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[Exclusive Interview] Fatum: Sealed Fate

Have you ever wondered why you don't notice when something impactful is about to happen in your life—those seconds before your big break, a big announcement, a life changing moment? There are steps, events, that take place beforehand that eventually put you in that position, but one rarely notices them. In retrospect, you look back in your life and realize those specific moments led you to where you are at but you can never pinpoint those moments as they happen. Fate.

I had the opportunity to chat with one of the members of Fatum during EDC Week, and I'll be frank, going into the interview I was unaware of who they were aside from a little research. I knew of a few tracks they had remixed or produced, but nothing else.

Fate, as it turns out, put me in the position to interview one of the most promising, rising electronic music artists out there and after the one-on-one, I realized that these guys were on to something big.

Fatum consists of Bill Hamel, Chad Newbold, Bruce Karlsson, and Daniel Davis. With releases at Anjunabeats, Ultra Records and Armada, this quadruplet force have quite a bright future ahead of them. Oh, and did I mention a GRAMMY NOMINATION for a remix of JES's track “Hold On”?

Q: Welcome to the craziness of EDC Week. Hows it going?

A: Good, man. It's been a tiring week here in Vegas but we're powering through it.

Q: I'm really digging your remix of Late Night Alumni's “Only For Tonight”. How's the response been?

A: Good. The response is really, really, really good. When you take a little bit of a risk you never expect an outcome, but it seems like everyone is digging it.

Q: You're gaining new fans because of that track. What kind of sound can they expect out of Fatum?

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A: Right now we're starting to mingle into the mainstream stuff—not too far, though. I wanted to come back into the trance scene and do it right. Everyone is calling it “Trance 2.0”, so let's call it that, but I wanted to dip into the good mainstream stuff— the melodic side of it.

Q: You had a pretty big Anjunabeats show in L.A. back in May. How did that go?

A: Great! I haven't had a nice little adrenaline rush, especially coming back to trance, in a while. The trance fan's energy is way different than other fans. The energy that night at The Belasco Theater was really heartfelt and I haven't had that feeling in a long time.

Q: That energy is one of the main reasons I'm a trance fan, and as a trance fan, I look forward to Armin van Buuren‘s annual ‘A State of Trance' compilation. You guys were featured on that, congratulations!

A: Thank you! I'm stoked about that. We had the track (Draco) ready for about half a year and we were just waiting and waiting telling ourselves, “come on! Everyone will like this!” and it finally happened.

Q: We're in the middle of EDC Week. Do you guys see yourself ever playing a set at EDC Las Vegas?

A: Right now we're right on the cusp of being able to play a big festival like EDC. For Fatum, I think if we hit it off this year with some good vocals, we may have a chance to gain a spot. EDC is tough, though. It was a lot easier back then, but now everyone's a DJ.

Q: You guys are just making it big on the scene, what can we expect out of Fatum in the near future?

A: We have two new tracks with Angel Taylor and she's been jumping on board and writing for us. Right now we're seeking new vocalists, trying that approach and getting people more connected with the music and then get into the more mainstream stuff. I really would like the ‘trance elitists' to say, “you know what, I can't hate it”.

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Keep an eye out for these four, something tells me that fate is on their side.

Give Fatum a listen on their Soundcloud.

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