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Above and Beyond - We Are All We Need Tour

After Tragic Passing Of Anjunabeats Artist, Above & Beyond Share Heart Felt Message Encouraging...

After the tragic passing of Avicii in April of this year, the conversation surrounding the mental health of electronic artists was once again reignited. While the discussion about mental health and associated resources is...

Fatum – Chocolate

Anjunabeats quartet, Fatum, have recently dropped another high-energy track that’s sure to top the charts. You may have heard the teaser for this track, titled “Chocolate”, on Above & Beyond’s ABGT250 earlier this year....

[Exclusive Interview] Fatum: Sealed Fate

Have you ever wondered why you don't notice when something impactful is about to happen in your life---those seconds before your big break, a big announcement, a life changing moment? There are steps, events,...
Fatum vs. Judah - Love On A Real Train

Hop On Board The Anjunabeats Train With This Tangerine Dream Cover

Anjunabeats members Fatum and Judah teamed up once again to create "Love On A Real Train". If you caught the historic ABGT 200, you will recognize this track that opened up Above & Beyond's...

Fatum Vs. Judah – Anybody

The guys are at it again!  The amazing talents of Fatum and Judah come together once again to create "Anybody".   The track's synths go from a grindy goodness into a subtle Electro buzz,...
Fatum Vs. Judah - Ardan

Fatum Vs. Judah – Ardan

Florida duo, Fatum, and Minnesota duo, Judah, might not have anything in common when it comes to their home turf.  However, together their love of Trance has produced a collaboration that's rocking dance floors regardless of where it's...

Sponsored Up & Coming



With a name after a creature just as big as his sound, Wooli is quicking rising in the EDM scene. His newest EP "Mammoth" just...

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