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HeRobust x Monxx Go Complete Ham Sandwich on New Track “Giant Squiddim”

The title's got me thinking about Squidward from SpongeBob. The angry little bastard could bare resemblance to a smash Dub track, right? Wrong. Well, if you stand say 2.5 feet away from Squidward and allow his tentacles to rotate at top speed smashing your face repeatedly while the squid spins around like a ballerina for 4 minutes and 40 seconds, then we may be onto something. HeRobust doesn't sleep on his roots as a Dubstep mastermind (I DO NOT use that phrase lightly) and this track deepens those roots, with the help of Monxx.

The opening to the track actually had me waiting for an “Are Ya' Ready Kids?!?” and though it didn't come, the sound of seagulls and the beach prepped my ears for the bi-polar journey that is “Giant Squiddim”. When I hear seagulls I think of tropical house or progressive house. Couldn't help but giggle like a school girl when I heard the intro because I knew what he was about to do. Not in a predictable way though, in a “damn bro, how you gonna do that?” kind of way. Pumped.

At about the 8 second mark it all began. The under-toe pulls us from the heavenly sound of the beach, under the waves to the unknown. That's when HeRobust x Monxx know they have us. We go from, “Oh man, this is a cute intro to a tropical house track, so generic”, to “holy calzone, what on earth is about to happen to my ears?” I was scared for a minute, by a minute I mean about 2 seconds when I lost my breath. For real, you might hyperventilate. Keep an inhaler handy…

When the bass knocks in for the first time, the title make complete sense. Actually sounds like a Squidward theme song. If there is ever a spin off to the original show, these brah's may get a tap on the shoulder for this one. Listen, you'll agree, guaranteed… All these SpongeBob references you're probably expecting something for a kid. Trust me, this is a heater of a Dubstep track. Not for rookies.

If you like Dub, Trap, Moombahton or anything with neck snapping bass, this track is going to turn your tighty whites a shade of yellow. HeRobust constantly has me asking myself if anyone on planet earth, in the solar system, in the MILKY WAY can touch the unique sound design that this bad hombre continuously puts out. What his work with production does to our senses in unbelievable and everything we look for in music. Since the B2B set at EDC LV with HeRobusy, I have peeping a lot of Monxx stuff and dude is for sure a dude to keep an eye on. Also, a bad hombre.

Peep “Giant Squiddim” below. Don't forget to come up for air…


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