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Seven Lions, Echos – Cold Skin (Remix EP)

Seven Lions and Echos have put out the Cold Skin Remix EP on Monstercat. Koven, Stonebank, V!RTU, Mr FijiWiji, MitiS, and INTERCOM all have put their spin on this already amazing song. I am not going to lie, normally I do not like it when other people remix Seven Lions, however when so many talented artists are on board, things tend to end up quite amazing. Let’s take a look at each take of these beautiful remixes.

Koven are one of my all-time favorite Artists. When I first heard Max and Katie were doing this I was downright giddy. I was expecting either a drum and bass or a bass heavy remix and Koven pulled the old switcharoo on me and created a softer more intimate version. The song starts off with what sounds like a live bass guitar and soft percussion that let the vocals by Lexi shine. As the song progresses you hear Koven bring their gritty synths with a darker bassline than the original. There is something about that bouncing bass guitar line that really adds a different element to Cold Skin that accentuates the emotional side of the track in true Koven fashion.

Stonebank put out a happy hardcore version of Cold Skin. I know that Seven Lions has played this version of the track in recent sets, notably the warehouse in Brooklyn and the set down in New Orleans. Happy Hardcore is just not my thing. I can appreciate the effort, and as far as HHC goes I can dig it but there is just something about the genre that I cannot connect with. I like the tempo and I can even get behind the HHC kick drums but I feel lost when the synths dominate this track. I can see lovers of the genre really getting behind this one and for that I am happy.

V!RTU, who just absolutely crushes his remixes out of the park, may have won this round of remixes if I had to judge. His future bass take on of Cold Skin starts off with a light feel much like the original. As the vocals and synths begin to layer the song begins to build. At around the 1:00 mark the song ascends and launches into a beautiful future bass track that is extremely well produced. This version pulls emotion from even the darkest heart with synths containing raw power. I can just imagine hearing this on a powerful speaker system.

Mr. FijiWiji has put his vision of Cold skin on the EP as well and its is just what we have come to expect from him, perfection. The out of the box thinking producer puts a wobbly bass and groove induced drums to the track. The song gets a remote hip hop quality in the stuttering of the vocals which echoes throughout the track. Over the years I have learned never to expect anything from Mr. FijiWiji for this producer cannot defined by a single genre.

MitiS brings his skillset to this remix. What skill set you ask? MitiS is without a doubt one of the best melody makers I have ever heard. A classically trained pianist with a love for melodic dubstep as well as drum and bass, MitiS also makes some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard. This version of Cold Skin begins with an elegant guitar rif that sets the backbone of the melody. MitiS put his delicate touch in the future bass style synths and it shows. I was actually lucky enough to catch MitiS drop this song live at a set before Seven Lions even heard the final result and I fell in love with it.

INTERCOM closes out the EP with more of a digital take on Cold Skin. After a softer intro the meat and potatoes of the track has this thumping bass that has your feet stomping in a march. Accompanying the systematic bass are light synths that bring a church organ to mind. This interpretation is probably the most progressive remix of the EP with soaring melodies and gritty basslines I really enjoyed this rendition.

Overall I would say this is one of the best remix EP's I have ever heard. The six different interpretations of Cold Skin are all stunning. I look forward to seeing which version if any Seven Lions will drop on us this weekend at EDC.

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