Just this past Thursday RL Grime dropped his latest single with Miguel, ‘Stay For It'. It is now the 4th track to be released that will be featured on his upcoming 11 track LP, ‘Nova'. While ‘Stay For It' is everything we had hoped for from RL Grime…a member of our staff noticed that it sounded a bit familiar.

Now before going any farther, we want to make clear that we are in no way bringing this up in a negative light. Many artists use pieces of tracks in live sets for a long time before weaving them into a finished track. But we noticed that the drop to ‘Stay For It' has been a main stay in RL Grime's sets for years now. Check out the bew single below, and then around 56 minutes and 10 seconds into his HARD SUMMER 2015 set if you wanna hear for yourself.

What This Means…

It is now common knowledge that RL Grime has a ton of new music which he has been sitting on. Much of which we have heard…a reddit fan all but confirmed it. That being said we had no idea this possible IDs stretch back almost 2 years. The drop can also be heard in his Coachella 2015 set.

That is almost back to ‘VOID' era releases which dropped just 5 months before the drop's first live rinse. Many of the tunes on ‘Nova' could have been tweaked and worked on for years. Meaning this album will be so much more insane than we ever could have imagined.

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