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Stream Coachella 2017

People Keep Getting Caught Getting Freaky On Coachella’s Ferris Wheel [NSFW]

Many festivals around the world all have their signature landmarks. Mysteryland has the enormous teddy bear. Electric Forest has its art installations scattered throughout the woods. Tomorrowland has some level of an enormous anthropomorphic...

Zedd Brought Out Katy Perry To Perform “365” At Coachella

Weekend one of Coachella was filled with fun cameos. When Zedd hit the stage on day three, he brought out Katy Perry to perform their collaboration “365”. Perry mentioned during her performance...
Major Lazer

Major Lazer Puts On Surprise Show At Coachella’s DoLab

The key to catching great secret sets at music festivals is to always be on the lookout on artist's social media. Those subtle or not-so-subtle hints are your clues for when and where to...

NGHTMRE Reveals Epic New Stage + Special Guests At Coachella

Coachella is the #1 time for artists to go all out. NGHTMRE brought out the big guns for his set this weekend at Coachella. On top of an already mind-blowing set, the DJ brought...

Marshmello Surprises Audience As Special Guest For Two Coachella Sets

While Marshmello wasn't on the official 2019 Coachella lineup, the DJ still found himself on stage a couple of times over the weekend. Having collaborations with what feels like almost every big artist on the...

REPORT: A Massive Fire Broke Out In The Coachella Camping Area This Weekend

After Ultra Music Festival experiencing its own mini-fire, things got a bit too lit at Coachella this past weekend. Express UK reported that a large fire broke out in the campgrounds of Coachella weekend...

Jauz Actually Finally Debuted His Baby Shark Remix, Then Dropped Sandstorm Immediately After

The world was begging for this remix for months. The second that the children's song, 'Baby Shark' hit the airwaves in an insane resurgence, fans were pretty insistent that Jauz try his hand at...

Coachella 2019 Stream: Day 2, Weekend 1 Schedule, How To Watch, and Details

The Coachella 2019 stream is set to go live from Indio, California for an incredible day 2. After an outstanding first day of performances and festivities, Coachella Day 2 is set to bring even...
Stream Coachella 2017

Coachella 2019 Stream: Day 1, Weekend 1 Schedule, How To Watch, and Details

The Coachella 2019 stream is set to go live from Indio, California in only a few hours. Coachella is synonymous with the now global phenomenon of ultra-lux festival experiences. The festival has introduced an...
Stream coachella 2017

Coachella Releases Its 2019 Set Times: Hard Decisions Will Have To Be Made

We are on the eve of Coachella 2019 folks. That means in traditional fashion, the iconic festival has started flooding their social media with content for attendees currently traveling out the Indio, California. As...

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EDMsauce.com Artist of the Week: Famba

What is going on dance music fans!? We hope you are having a killer start to the festival season. Today we are bringing you...

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