If you were in Tampa Fl Sunday, and happened to stop by the Bass Stage around 9pm you would have encountered a sea of humans; raging as if their life depended on it. The conductor of the set was KAYZO, and the show was breath taking. 2 days later KAYZO gives us more to soak in with dropping “Whistle Wars.”

It is clear as day that KAYZO has only just begun his domination with “Whistle Wars.” The tune begins with a catchy hook and massive festival drop that leaves bass fans faces in shambles. The track is symbolic of the history of KAYZO with him being a big sports fan and participating in competitive traveling hockey for the majority of his youth, KAYZO created a record that fuels and drives no only himself but his following proclaimed as ‘The Doghouse. 

It's seems that with every move KAYZO is making a statement, and this is no different. Releasing “Whistle Wars” on his own record label dubbed “Welcome Records” and it looks to be build a community of artists much like KAYZO to release their music freely with no stigmas and prerequisites. With the only requirement being good music that can resonate with the fans, with ‘The Doghouse’ it looks like we may be watching the birth of the new Mad Decent. 

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