The new year is slowly approaching, and that means New Year's Eve Festivals has surely begun. Many popular artists debut some of their unreleased music during these sets to show fans what is expected for the upcoming year. At this year's music festival, Lights All Night, there was an unreleased collaboration in particular that had everyone going insane on the dancefloor.

As we all know, there is a 1788-L and Kayzo collaboration currently in the works. Last night, during 1788-L's set, the breakout artist took the chance to debut the new untitled track. When listening to the track, you can tell that there are many hardstyle elements from the doghouse star, Kayzo. The Deep synths were surely created by 1788-L.

It seems that the collaboration is not yet finished, particularly because there was only one drop that was debuted. This teaser surely excited fans for its future release.

Listen to a snippet of the new collaboration below.