Black Tiger Sex Machine has come out the gate in 2019 swinging. The trio of masked producers from our friendly, more polite neighboring country to the north has just previewed a teaser clip of their collaboration with Kayzo.

Both Black Tiger Sex Machine and Kayzo are known for their unique production styles which flawlessly weave different elements of many genres together. In the teaser clip, it can be heard that the BTSM and Kayzo collaboration will fall into the bass house category.

That being said, with this team of producers a small clip is not enough to know the many twists and turns this track will inevitably take. Kayzo is known for his love of tempo changes, and Black Tiger Sex Machine are masters at creating “WOW moments”.

The tigers explained that the collaboration is still being fine tuned, so no release date exists yet. But if you are planning on seeing the tigers live any time soon – then you're in luck, as they are crowd testing this ID regularly. Check it out below.