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Katy Perry
Katy Perry

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Katy Perry’s Taylor Swift Diss Track Samples Fatboy Slim and is Produced By Duke Dumont

There are a few headlines that you actually never think you will ever write. This one serves as the perfect example. Duke Dumont, the founder of tropical house and notable VR pioneer has produced Katy Perry's latest track. It is being reported by the likes of Billboard as being a a stab in the direction of Taylor Swift. It also features Nick Minaj. Why they are beefing with Taylor? We are not sure at all. The message it clear though with lyrically brilliant shots like:

“Your game is tired, you should retire.”

All joking aside the track also samples Fatboy Slim's ‘Star 69' classic refrain:

“They know what is what,
But they don't know what is what,
They just strut.”

Duke Dumont threw together a background for ‘Swish Swish' that on the surface seems pretty basic. If you dive a bit deeper, as Vice did, though you will find some pretty clear nods to British house over the years. Maya Jane Cole as well as DJ Le Roi are sampled for the track. We have to say while the whole drama beef aspect and poppy lyrics make this one more of a drag, that background beat is a piece of dark deliciousness. Check out the track below.


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