Social media is buzzing right now as it seems Derek Vincent Smith, better known by his stage name Pretty Lights has caused his fans to absolutely break the internet with a combination of excitement, disbelief, and gratitude. Two days ago, Smith and his team masterminded one of the best fan outreach initiatives that the electronic dance music world has ever seen. A very lucky few of Smith's most dedicated fans came home to receive a package from their idol that couldn't been seen coming from left field as far as the eye could see.

In the packages came a ton of Pretty Lights gear and posters, which helped to announce and promote the new set of tour stops released for Smith's live version of Pretty Lights coming this summer. Tour dates include two night runs repeats in many of the areas he visited last summer, including New Hampshire, Chicago, and Red Rocks.

However, these gifts do not even compare in size and savagery to the smallest, but most impactful gift PL gave to his die hard fans. Each fan received a delicately engraved wood cased USB filled to the brim with tons of unreleased Pretty Light's tunes. The back of the posters read:

Greetings,  you have been chosen for a new Pretty Lights social experiment.  This package contains unreleased “flips” from Euphoria (April 2017), Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival (March 2017), and Telluride (August 2016).  As one of our most devoted fans, we are choosing you to not only spread this music organically far and wide, but to also share the message that we will be returning to (Insert City/Venue Name Here).  See you soon.”

These tunes have began to make the rounds on the internet, as Smith and his team watched their social experiment run rampant. You can find them all conveniently uploaded to Soundcloud here. If you are friends with anyone in the Pretty Lights family fan base, this has been largely the only thing dominated various social media spheres. It seems that Pretty Lights can't ever stay away from new surprises around the next corner. We could definitely get used to that!

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