Okay this one seriously excites me. Just an hour ago we saw Griz and Rezz tweeting back and forth. It all started with a quaint and cute question from the Sax man.

Naturally Alien Mom jumped on the ball basically immediately because she is the perfect bass music craft master we all aspire to be.

Now this is where stuff gets super exciting and interesting. What exactly is Griz's favor you ask? Well he wants to send some stuff over to Rezz. He goes on to explain that she might even find this stuff surprising. So yeah…if Rezz were to find it surprising we cannot imagine what it sounds like.

Well naturally Rezz told him to send it on over and after an errand she would check it out. We are kind of freaking out about how magical Alien Bass infused with beautiful sax could end up being. Fans have already started to call this potential collaboration ‘Grezz'. We kind of like Rizz better but hey beggars can't be choosers. Stay tuned for updates!


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