We have reported on a few twitter beefs this year. Whether it be marshmello's manager losing his cool or the two heavyweights of the festival circuit going head to head, they are always entertaining. Today though we bring you a special look at the most entertaining twitter beef we have seen in all of Twitter in quite some time.

Dillon Francis vs. DJ Hanzel

It all started out innocently enough. Dillon just shot out a tweet recalling how special his most recent tour had been.

Then the deepest of the deep chimed in with some incredible shade that only ambiguously European people can pull off.

Dillon fired back again by pointing out that this joker barely even plays any shows at all!

Naturally DJ Hanzel would not be bested that easily and replied with a beautiful clip of his last insane performance in Australia.

Dillon finely just left the decision in the fan's hands by offering up a poll. Right now we are a bit of 5.6K votes and it is neck and neck with DJ Hanzel with a 2 point lead.

(Hey PS, if you are currently getting angry that we think this is serious, come on now…we know better. It doesn't make it any less hilarious though.)

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