Over the past couple of years, we've seen an ongoing dispute between Insomniac's founder Pasquale Rotella and HARD's own Gary Richards. While the two tycoons have known each other since the early 90's, an on-going case of legal battles and rumors have made the two promoters more distanced than ever.

Another blow to their relationship came after it was rumored that HARD had told DJs that they weren't allowed to play at one of HARD's events if they also played at an Insomniac event. Richards denied this was the case, but it appears the issue has been brought up once again.

Earlier today, Mija said that she is not playing HARD this summer due to rave/promoter politics. Gary Richards (Destructo) quickly chimed into say that he never blocked artists from playing shows, but did allegedly throw some shade at other music festival promoters by stating “Take a guess who does that?”

The shade has been thrown. Will Pasquale respond?