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Halsey Remixes: The 10 You Should Hear Before the Release of Her New Album

Halsey is one of the most popular vocalists in all of electronic dance music because of her smash hit with The Chainsmokers, ‘Closer'. Now the queen of vocals has announced her second feature length album, titled ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom'. The new album is due out in June. We wanted to get everyone warmed up for the incredible release by compiling the best Halsey remixes so far.

Halsey Remixes

There are tons of Halsey remixes out there. This is because her first LP, ‘Badlands‘, was one of the most intoxicating, beautiful and authentic albums of the decade. Filled with powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics and emotion driven rhythms, there was nothing to dislike about the album. Many of the songs were dreams for DJs and producers which spawned some beautiful Halsey remixes. We put together a list of the tracks that you absolutely need to hear to get ready for the beauty of ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom'.

The Best Halsey Remixes: Audien's Remix of ‘Colors'

Audien got his start on Above and Beyond's Anjunabeats imprint but quickly flexed his range along a series of incredible releases. Just last year Audien gave a beautiful chilled out future remix of Halsey's brilliant tune, ‘Colors'.

The Best Halsey Remixes: Arty's Remix of ‘Hurricane'

While this remix was released over two years ago it has had a surge of popularity due to Emma Robert's movie, ‘Nerve'. Arty puts a big room spin on one of the most powerful tracks off of ‘Badlands' and the results is a track you will have on repeat for the foreseeable future.

The Best Halsey Remixes: Oscar's Remix of ‘Gasoline'

‘Gasoline' is a complex track. An eastern influence plays out in the background, sitting as the support to Halsey's description of someone who is entirely incapable human emotion. Oscar takes the eastern notes of the melody and ramps them up ten fold, making them the centerpiece of his chilled down remix.

The Best Halsey Remixes: Lost Kings's Remix of ‘Ghost'

Lost Kings put a wonderfully tropical, light remix to a track which contains some heavy subject matter. It is a juxtaposition that is absolutely beautiful anyway you look at it. Lost Kings no doubt showed their expertise on this remix which will undoubtedly put you in a good mood.

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The Best Halsey Remixes: A.T.'s Remix of ‘Hold Me Down'

A.T. does not hold back in this monster remix of Halsey's ‘Hold Me Down'. A powerful trap effort that borders on the orchestral give a sublime energy to the track. A.T. no doubt hit the nail on the head with this remix of Halsey. This stands out as a front runner as one of the best of the Halsey remixes.

The Best Halsey Remixes: Sander Kleinenberg's Remix of ‘Trouble'

Get your shuffling shoes ready for this tasty little remix. Sander has flipped ‘Trouble' into a house endeavor that is going to get you moving. This house remix brings the bounce to a degree that will make even Oliver Heldens blush.

The Best Halsey Remixes: Young Bosnia's Remix of ‘Control'

This track is a difficult one to rework. The original vibe of the song was so incredibly unique, we were worried that any attempt at a blend of styles would kill it. Boy were we wrong, Young Bosnia kept the integrity of the original, creepy/ominous vibe and all!

The Best Halsey Remixes: Ryos' Bootleg of ‘New Americana'

‘New Americana' is an ode to the outrageous life style of the millennial generation. It is much more of an anthem than a criticism. Ryos continues the trend of the new Americana by bringing in the perfect dose of EDM elements to really pull this track into the realm on aural captivation.

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The Best Halsey Remixes: TJANI's Remix of ‘Hurricane'

We have already heard on remix of ‘Hurricane' from Arty, but not TJANI's take on the track completely changes the mood. The up and comer puts a beautiful house spin on the track that creates an atmosphere of undeniable relaxation. Listen to this beauty and get ready to completely vibe out.

The Best Halsey Remixes: Encore's Remix of ‘Colors'

Our last entry on this list of the 10 best Halsey remixes is Encore's trap remix of ‘Colors'. We have seen a strong relationship between trap and Halsey on this list but Encore brings it to an entirely different level. Intense, booming bass, beautifully floats alongside the lyrics of this soon to be classic.

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