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From Vision to Reality: The Creation of the Brand, Label and Philosophy that is Bribery Corporation

Miami, Florida. The name of the city alone evokes a certain image in one's mind. The sun drenched jewel of Florida is consistently on the forefront of cultural change. Music, fashion, food and so much more finds itself evolving based off of what the city consumes. What is hot in Miami always trickles down to the rest of the cultural hubs of America. It is a proving grounds of sorts.

I want to be the hardest working, most sought after brand in music and fashion.

This environment is what makes the inception and evolution of the label and fashion house Bribery Corporation so fascinating to dissect and watch. Bribery is a unique brand. It does not insult itself by marketing to the lowest common denominator. Like innovators before, it focuses on capturing an entirely unique and defined audience. One who does not settle for anything for less than exactly what they desire. This idea can heard echoed throughout founder, Steve Vaynshtok's vision of the company.

“I’m a perfectionist, but at the same time I want to disrupt the industry. I’d like people to think I’m a problem for them. I want for my designs to be something unique and exciting and I want to make Clothing that’s extremely rare. My goal is exclusivity. I want to curate high concept, provocative and forward thinking campaigns like the one Eckhaus Latta just put out, I really love the imagery they used. On the music side my aim is to change the way people consume music and the paradigm of how a record label operates.”

Steve has a unique story himself. One that has given him a unique outlook on the world. That being said, while many people in his position have used their experiences as justifications for issues in their lives, Steve has taken his experience and tailored a vision for success with them.

“I was born in a small village called Mohyliv-Podilskyi in the Vinnystia Oblast of Ukraine. I came straight to Miami on a refugee passport through France when I was 3 or 4. I grew up in Miami. I went to FIU and I was a PR student. At 20 I got signed to WME under a veteran dance music agent and dropped out of school. That dude got fired for taking bribes and that’s where the name for my company came from.”

Bribery Corporation was never created to just exist and generate financial income. In turn it does something so much more. It creates cultural income; the fuel that is used to make permanent changes in both the public's interest as well as the industry standard of operation.

Ambition is woven into every thread of Bribery's fabric. Only a few weeks after the initial launch of the label came the first line of clothing. Why do so much all at once though? It comes back to the one thing that continues to separate Bribery from their competition. Vision.

“I think for many Record Labels the clothing is typically an afterthought, a clever way to sell merch, it’s never really their intention to create a collection. For me, both projects were conceived at the same time. We’re not a record label that happens to release clothing we’re a clothing line and a record label under the same umbrella.
These projects coexist to enhance each other. I’d rather work myself to death investing my time developing both than neglect one by giving the other preference.”

Clothing and music have always gone hand in hand. As electronic music continues to find it's way into the world of high fashion and street wear, this relationship is strengthened every minute of every day. When one considers this, the idea of a label existing alongside a fashion house is almost intuitive. Steve saw this in depth relationship early on and continues uses it to cultivate a unique and specific experience.

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“For me it’s a creative thing, the music has the ability to become a soundtrack for the clothing. I love what Gucci and Dior Homme did with Gesaffelstein and how Versace incorporated a track from Rezz in their recent campaign. I want our artists to soundtrack our fashion shows, our ad campaigns, and create the atmosphere at our parties. In that sense they become exclusive to the brand, like for the whole thing to be cinematic.”

He goes on to further explain that it is important to never use the label or the fashion house as a gimmick to promote the other. They must both work together in a fluent relationship which benefits the brand in the most comprehensive way.

“But with that being said, I’m not using the music to enhance the fashion, or vice versa. I’m hoping to create a sustainable structure for my family of artists. I’d like to be able to create the best situation for my artists using Bribery Corporation as a platform. I want to dispel the notion that Major Labels are gatekeepers. As far as I’m concerned my only goal is creating the most exposure for my artists while fostering creative projects and partnerships that can help generate income. I think the key to this is providing music for free personal consumption whether via downloads or streaming in order to broaden our audience.”

Bribery Corporation has developed a roster of artists which perfectly represent the overall vision of the brand. Los Angeles based ROOMS, and fellow Miami musicians Mystvries, Light Bodies and PRJCTN Make Up the heart and soul of the label. It is the kind of atmospheric music which will send chills down your spine and raise goosebumps on your skin. It is unique to look over the complete line up of artists on Bribery and find that each one lends a specific piece of the overall, comprehensive aural picture. Steve lends insight to how the artists all came together. Painting a picture of an organic creation of something special, further demonstrating that Bribery was in a way always meant to be. The world seemed intent on it's creation.

“[…] my reality at the moment is that I find myself surrounded by so many wonderful people who happen to be extremely talented musicians and have these outrageously creative artistic visions. I feel a need to be apart of that, to provide an extra set of eyes and ears and bring my ideas and resources to the table. My roster came together so organically through friends of mine asking for advice and showing me music that I’m in love with– personal relationship with that person aside. If a complete stranger showed me the music that my artists are creating I’d be equally enthused.

Honestly, I’m extremely critical when it comes to music. I’ll either love something or absolutely hate it. Anything that cuts through the white noise and stops me dead in my tracks when I hear it is what I’m after, just stuff I’d personally listen to. But the roster came together very organically. Our bio says we seek to release “forward thinking, engrossing and soulful electronic music” which I whole-heartedly believe we’re doing right now.”

Bribery is just getting started. So far the release of their initial compilation was both critically and fan acclaimed. Parties which are curated by the company are now popping up all over the hottest spots in Miami. A brand with this kind of focused vision has only one way to go. That is up. So check out everything Bribery below and get familiar with the name. You will be hearing it again. Soon.

Check out Everything Bribery Here

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