Trap legend, RL Grime, has been hard at work for the past couple of years on his second studio album.

Just days ago, RL Grime changed uploaded blank white pictures to his social media profiles and fans instantly concluded that RL Grime would have a new song being released soon.

Earlier today, we discovered that RL Grime uploaded “Reims” to Spotify and shortly after noticed his post on the /r/Trap subreddit with the following message.

RL Grime writes:

hi all

wanted to try and get this post up before any rips started circulating but so it goes. as u may or may not know, for the better part of the last 2 years i've been quietly working away on my second album . can't even begin to explain how excited i am to begin sharing what i've been working on. wanted to drop this off here a few hours before it goes live as a thank you for the support over the last few years.

hope you enjoy


Grab RL Grime's “Reims” for free here.

Source: Reddit