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Seven Lions feat Skyler Stonestreet – Freesol

Seven Lions has released Freesol feat. Skyler Stonestreet on Seeking Blue Records, the label created by MrSuicideSheep. While FreeSol is a progressive and unique hip-hop, rock, and soul infused band from Memphis, Tennessee, the name refers to a state of mind meaning a freedom of expression with a main objective of never conforming to the usual way of doing things. This would be the perfect way to describe Seven Lions. For years Jeff Montalvo has been taking two genres that do not normally go together, Trance and Dubstep, and creating amazing things. Seven lions is known for blending genres, creating emotional roller coasters during his sets, and not conforming to one set of rules.

One of the first songs I heard from Seven Lions was an Above and Beyond remix that he did for You Got To Go. While Freesol does not sound anything like A&B, it does evoke an emotion the same way the UK trio is known for. The track begins with light percussion and synths that seem to fold into themselves as Skyler Stonestreet comes in with delicate vocals that set a truly beautiful atmosphere. The build starts to form and releases into a mass of energy and emotion, so much so that I was taken aback by it when I first heard it played at the Hollywood Palladium during The Journey Tour. The drop washes over your soul freeing it from any cares and concern you might be holding onto at that moment. Seven Lions puts his signature darkness to his growling basslines combined with the complexity to the synths creating a dizzying effect that allows you to get lost in the song. Freesol is just the beginning of a slew of ID’s that has the Seven Lions fanbase in a frenzy of anticipation. You can pick up this song for what ever media you use Here.

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