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Twitter Just Put Another Nail In It’s Coffin With It’s Latest Update [Details Inside]

Twitter has not been in the best shape the last few years. They had an explosive IPO just as Snapchat did but just as the tech giant more recently learned…undervaluing your IPO usually does not mean long term success. After struggling stock prices hit the company hard, a lack of innovation continued as their competitors burst into many new markets. We could all start to hear the death rattle of the once great social media giant. Today they just added another nail in the coffin.

Twitter Continues to Show Disconnect to It's Users

As Vice beautifully put it, “it seems like nobody who works at Twitter actually uses Twitter”. This could not be more obvious than today when Twitter added a new update, turning the entire foundation of the site on it's head. Twitter's landmark 140 character count has more or less been dismissed. Now when replying to people other people – the character count is not effected. You can tag up to 50 other accounts, and then still have 140 characters to speak your mind. This means that if someone replies to a thread they can spam the hell out of it. Here is an example of what this looks like – we picked a random interaction from Blackhole Records on our Twitter feed to show you the new process.

As you can see above this also means if you would like to reply to a specific party in the thread, untagging members who you want to not address is a tedious, long and obnoxious process. You have to manually untag each person. There is no select/de-select all option.

The Consequences of This Update Are Rough For the Music Industry

Twitter has always been an excellent way of connecting directly to artists or influencers in any creative community. Now though this latest update has created the ability to spam an insane amount of people all at once. Twitter has basically just created the counterpart to the most annoying Facebook promotion technique of mass tagging.

We are all too familiar with your friend from high school who learned FL Studio and is now tagging you and 97 others in his new music. Or the overzealous rave girl who just started promoting at the best 17+ concert venue in your city, tagging you and 55 other people about DJ Bl3nd coming to town. Well now Twitter just gave them an entire new platform to do so. Except now, if you want to untag yourself? It is a bit more a process. We cannot imagine Twitter will keep this feature, as literally nobody asked for it.

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