The times, they are a-changing. Recent news shared by WeedMaps and marketing firm Talent Resources have allegedly paired up together to provide a one of a kind experience for Coachella attendees this year; a weed oasis.

DoLaB Coachella 2015
Photo Credit: Daniel Zetterstrom

While event goers are still prohibited from bringing drugs and paraphernalia onto the festival grounds, the two groups have paired together to provide VIP ticket holder an opportunity to escape into a ganja-infused paradise, six miles away from the festival. The details, which broke from TMZ, below state,

“Our ganja sources tell us the spot will feature 2 grow houses, a ‘greenhouse,’ and 5 geodesic domes to test different strains from GenX, Brass Knuckles and West Coast Cure.”


With grow houses and “green” houses galore, this is no ordinary, dispensary pop-up shop, as the stakes for this oasis will be higher than ever (pun not intended). Could this be the start of a revolutionary movement across other national festivals?