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Borgore and Getter Take Over Miami in Buygore VS Trippy Burger (Event Review)

Many of you can imagine what it must be like to party with two of the wildest DJs in the trap music scene. On March 23rd, the city of Miami had the chance to celebrate the wonderful week of Miami Music Week with these two talented DJs, along with many other special guests. Thankfully, I had the chance to attend this incredible event.

As we walked through the magnificent streets of Wynwood, with art among the graffitied walls, we could hear the heavy trap music playing from Mana Wynwood. When we entered the venue and received our wristbands, we knew it was going to be one hell of a night. As we walked into the venue, Ookay, one of the special guests of the event, was performing. At the sight of him, nothing but true excitement arose. I had just seen this truly talented trap Dj the day prior to the event at Marshmello and Friends; it was an honor to see him for the second time that week. Like always, Ookay was able to motivate the crowd with his fantastic music, preparing everyone, including me, for what was to come.

As Ookay stepped off the stage, French DJ group, Dirtyphonics arrived to perform what would be a truly unique set. This set consisted of headbanging dubstep, some vibing drum & bass, and, everyone's favorite, trap music. Dirtyphonics knew exactly what they were doing when it came to creating this perfect set. I definitely recommend to give them a listen if you are unsure what exactly this dynamic group is all about.

Once Dirtyphonics finished their amazing set, it was time for Nick Colletti and Terror Reid to perform along with DJ Spock. For those who are unfamiliar with the group, Nick Colleti is Getter‘s best friend, while Terror Reid is a not so mysterious artist that we all are certain is Getter. Terror Reid wore a white ski Mask throughout the whole performance to hide his identity, but can it be a coincidence that this rapper has the same voice as Getter? Were they purposefully trying to give away who was behind the mask?

Truthfully, this performance seemed more like a comedy show than a performance. It was obvious that Nick Colletti was pretty drunk throughout the whole ordeal; Reid was able to confirm it as well. Fortunately, Colletti was able to successfully rap his way throughout the whole performance, even though there were a few stutters and stumbles along the way. Honestly, I saw more people laughing at the show than they were actually dancing. Truthfully, the music itself was pretty great; I'm not a huge rap lover, but even I could admit I enjoyed it. It was just hard not to laugh due to the fact that Colletti was too drunk to even stand straight.

When the performance finally came to a close, Getter, a greatly anticipated DJ, was up next to perform. We waited several minutes for Getter to finally arrive on stage. Throughout Getter's whole performance, you realized that this devoted DJ is very passionate when it comes to his music. He was having a great time with his audience, dancing around and acknowledging them. He successfully accomplished creating a great and vibrant atmosphere with the crowd. Playing hits such as “666!” and his most famous remix to “Mine,” Getter proved that he can create one hell of a good party.

Finally, it was time for the highly anticipated DJ, Borgore, to perform. Out of all the DJ's anyone should experience, this is the DJ you must see. Borgore has been involved in some of the greatest parties remembered today. He has essentially created his own type of music style that many of us like to call “Gorestep.” Creating hits such as “Decisions” featuring Miley Cyrus, “Forbes” featuring G-Eazy, and “Squad,” there is no way this DJ can fail to have you up on your feet and headbanging the night away. Once you experience this one of a kind DJ, you can't resist to see him again. I've experienced Borgore live an unconscionable amount of times. Trust me, you won't regret going to any of his performances.

Borgore's performance, nevertheless, was a success. Although he was sick and partially drunk, he managed to create an outstanding performance that everyone truly enjoyed. The audience was going crazy throughout the whole show. It is obvious to say that Borgore had the best performance. You can say that he wasn't afraid to show what he was truly capable of. From what I discovered from past experience, Borgore isn't afraid to be himself when he is on stage; he has nothing to hide. I believe that this has been the real key to his success. He is accepted for who he is and not what he pretends to be unlike many artists today.

Overall, the event itself was one night to remember. The event was successful due to all the talented performers, the amazing music, and the wonderful people that attended the event. These are all the elements that Make Up what Miami Music Week is truly about.

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You can check out more photos of the event here. We greatly appreciate the photos that were taken exclusively for EDM Sauce by A&H Media.

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