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Long Awaited G Jones & Bleep Bloop Collab Finally Released

Bass heads, rejoice. Weird and wonky in their own distinctive ways, alien bass kings G Jones and Bleep Bloop have finally premiered their collab track; MF.

The two DJ's are by no means, strangers. Both artists frequently play out each others tracks at their own shows. Their styles are so uniquely similar, yet complimentary at the same time. For example, at G Jone's Philly show on his Spring Tour, he dropped ‘When Sound Was Sound‘, a Bleep Bloop track off his latest EP, the EP With Five Eyes. Additionally, when we reviewed G Jone's most recent EP, Visions, we noted that specifically his track, ‘Pull Up‘ had a similar sound to Bleep Bloop's vibe.

For fans of either Jones or Bloop, this track is not unfamiliar. Both DJ's frequently drop their own renditions and VIPs of it at their shows. Though, we are most definitely grateful that the full track is here for our own listening pleasures.

Since this track is a short two minutes, it immediately goes in. The build is heavy, and has a certain G Jone's element to it, with it's heavy, choppy 808's and vocal distortions. The drop too still plays in G Jone's element, with his signature “Go” vocal thats reverberated and the ominous sirens in the distance. Slowly but surely, Bleep Bloop's alien communication starts to work its self into the meat of the track. You first start to hear the small alien glitch sound samples ,followed by longer, deeper wonky synths that serve as a bass line for the rest of the track. By the time you make it to the second drop, the track is almost completely dominated by Bleep Bloops alien noises.

All in all, we think Bleep and Greg (The G in G Jones) did a phenomenal Job together on this track. The two really mastered both of their distinctive, yet complimentary, sounds together harmoniously. Hopefully, this won't be the last time we hear from the two together.

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