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40 Best Christian EDM Songs Of All Time

Christian Electronic Dance Music or CEDM is a genre of electronic dance music and Christian Music. With the growing movement of EDM in America, Christian EDM came about in the 2000s with help from artists such as Capital Kings, Owl City, Neon Feather, Matthew Parker and a number of other artists.

Today Christian Electronic Music is taking a form of its own with new artists releasing songs every single day. For this ‘best of' roundup, we have compiled the best CEDM songs of all time including the best of Christian techno, dubstep, progressive house, tropical house and more. Stay tuned and make sure to click ahead for our Best Of playlist on Spotify.

“It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men.” – C.S. Lewis

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Tip: Most Christian EDM & Christian Dubstep Songs Will Play Even Though The Image Appears To Be Broken.

Urban Rescue – Take Me Back (Neon Feather Remix)
[lyte id=”TZJckARv4Q0″ /]

Matthew Parker – Down In Flames
[lyte id=”sQHmAQoeTEA” /]

Hillsong Young & Free – Real Love
[lyte id=”t0kmvXlDBYI” /]

Har Megiddo – He Wins (Neon Feather Remix)
[lyte id=”tFXPly028Do” /]

Capital Kings – I Can't Quit ft. Reconcile
[lyte id=”T_WlRrJSOT8″ /]

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Matthew Parker – Bigger Picture (Just A Gent Remix)
[lyte id=”CPvOAW2RvMA” /]

Built By Titan – The Darkness ft. Svrcina
[lyte id=”ecztMsSk3Ig” /]

Matthew Parker – I Can't Imagine
[lyte id=”g0-CMhj5oAw” /]

Hillsong – Oceans (Waysons Remix)
[lyte id=”wy3S2DIQAjM” /]

Hillsong Young & Free – Falling Into You
[lyte id=”6jgADZwP4S8″ /]

Britt Nicole – The Lost Get Found (Neon Feather Remix)
[lyte id=”khTqvbhbtHg” /]

Levi Whalen – Discovery
[lyte id=”k9aTTPrOOMo” /]

Capital Kings – Live For The Drop
[lyte id=”_LPm78uAsi0″ /]

Chris Tomlin & Martin Smith – God's Great Dance Floor (Reyer Remix)
[lyte id=”5n4vh2Iwx_0″ /]

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Matthew Parker – Spark ft. Rapture Ruckus
[lyte id=”78hQYpaBodM” /]

James Egbert – Back To New (3LAU Remix)
[lyte id=”n_HcBRQJKm0″ /]

Hillsong Young & Free – Where You Are
[lyte id=”cwoZ-ntsRgM” /]

Generate & Nrthrn Lghts – We Rise (Naz3nt Remix)
[lyte id=”vyQCjjLk8WI” /]

Hillsong United – With Everything (Tim Yagolnikov Remix)
[lyte id=”Iuhh-PujjCQ” /]

Matthew Parker – Just As He Promised
[lyte id=”aIMPA_1wtBE” /]

Marshall Marshall – This is Love
[lyte id=”vk9W0lM775A” /]

Kenneth Thomas & Har Megiddo ft. Michael Ketterer – Be With You (Shiloh remix)
[lyte id=”JeHOeo-UvxA” /]

Levi Whalen – Find You ft. Wonder (Breno Remix)
[lyte id=”xaqVJSzaVdM” /]

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Narrowbear – Dive In (Narrowbear Remix)
[lyte id=”mEYUu_-Okl8″ /]

Capital Kings – You'll Never Be Alone
[lyte id=”klf_k_pxWoE” /]

Har Megiddo – Dawn
[lyte id=”RM3uX46BOTE” /]

Matthew Parker – Adventure
[lyte id=”W01NqwBGuZs” /]

Levi Whalen – Hideaway
[lyte id=”OYygncr2knI” /]

LEVV – There For You
[lyte id=”8BbBOuP1n4c” /]

Matthew Parker – We Go
[lyte id=”17S3-HJwhI8″ /]

Ov4113 – Heart
[lyte id=”wOhm-dacYK0″ /]

DLMark – Amor Perfecto (ft. Christian Suarez) [VIP Mix]
[lyte id=”8xaj-4CJL9o” /]

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Capital Kings – I Feel So Alive.
[lyte id=”kdRI1A7F_pI” /]

Jesus Loves Electro – Our God
[lyte id=”mDUAtL9GI1E” /]

Jaisua – Valley of Shadows (ShowLord Remix)
[lyte id=”40puco3Gm68″ /]

Hillsong Young & Free – Alive (Remix)
[lyte id=”sh51dczOffY” /]

Capital Kings – All The Way (Neon Feather Remix)
[lyte id=”pbNtCa779kM” /]

Matthew Parker – Gone
[lyte id=”O3LijjJacLc” /]

Har Megiddo – King (Bryson Price Remix)
[lyte id=”9y1SQxEvt4o” /]

Marshall Marshall – In God I Trust (Jaypee Remix)
[lyte id=”GpstI5v0vxY” /]

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