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Savoy EP Tomorrow Today PT I

Savoy has released their EP Tomorrow Today Pt I. The six track EP comes packed full of genres ranging from disco and dance music to rock. Not to be confined by one style, Savoy has stretched their musical wings and they are set to fly. Coining the phrase ERM, Electronic Rock Music, Savoy has shown great maturity with this EP and their hard work has truly paid off.

Here at edmsauce, we have been all over the new music that Savoy has been dropping, with full coverage of The Wolf, Neon Nebraska, and Living Color. The remaining three tracks really round out this EP. One highlight on the EP that I need to bring up is the track Wolf Pt. 2. I have heard Savoy drop bangers and I have watched them rock out, but I have never heard them try out a true synthwave song, until Wolf Pt 2. My only complaint about the song would be that it should be about 7 minutes longer, that's how good this song is. The other notable track is Stay feat Jojee. You may remember Jojee from the smash hit Leaving You, the colab with Sound Remedy. This EP is an eclectic display of talents that makes up Savoy. Listen to Tomorrow Today Pt1 here but be sure to catch Savoy with support from Puppet on tour now, tickets available HERE.

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