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Savoy – Up All Night (feat. Laura Reed)

Savoy drops another sultry electronic track is in Up All Night feat. Laura Reed. The track in line with the last few releases by Savoy, which include the Led Zepplin cover of No Quarter and the spectacular track How U Like Me Now feat Roniit.

The dark feel to the track is set by the saturated bassline that rolls thought the song. Laura Reed's haunting vocals lure you into the night as the mid-tempo track floats along. At the break the synths fold in an intricate pattern until the drums kick back in. Up All Night shuffles along in spectacular retro fashion with a mix of synths and drums. While there is a dark undertone to the latest stuff Savoy has put out they are never one to be predictable.

“We've been growing tired of the kind of stagnant arrangement in lots of songs coming out in electronic music lately. So many songs are so predictable… and we never liked predictability – especially in art and music. This is one of our longest songs we've ever put out, and we considered making it two separate pieces, but we ended up loving the flow from section to section and the journey that it took us on. This isn't necessarily a banger or anything like that – just the vibe we were in at the time which was a deep, soulful exploration of lots of our influences all converged as one into something new.”

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