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Led Zeppelin – No Quarter (Savoy Remix)

Savoy has released their first cover and it is AMAZING. The trio has covered the Led Zeppelin hit No Quarter. If you are like me, the first thing I thought of was the TOOL cover. OH NO they covered a song that I am already biased towards, how can I give my honest opinion! Easy, hit play and simply listen to it. All my fears were instantly washed away within 12 seconds. Hearing the opening synths laid over the savoy bass hiding just beneath the surface of this cover, I could tell that Savoy crushed this remake. As the guitar rings in during the chorus you feel the raw power of this song release. This is a perfect song for the boys who are really transforming the boundaries of Electronic Rock Music.

This is our first ever cover song. We know that Led Zeppelin is considered by many to be “untouchable” and that even attempting something like this could be offensive, wrong, whatever. But fuck it. Music is supposed to be fun, and making this was one of the most fun productions we've done. No Quarter is our favorite Zep tune, and that's probably because its one of the only songs in which they use a synth and some keyboards. Its a dark, intense, classic song with a crazy storyline and meaning. Apparently when it was first released it got terrible reviews from Rolling Stone and the other folks in the industry that “know what they're talking about,” and maybe that's why we love it so much. Take a listen, let us know what you think, maybe you find it interesting, maybe you think we've butchered a classic… either way, we loved making it.

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