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GRiZMATiK – As We Proceed

GRiZ and Gramatik have teamed up once again to release “As We Proceed” under the co-named moniker GRiZMATiK. It has been a few years since the electro-funk hybrid duo have released new music, such as the previously released “My People” three years ago, and “D.L.I.M.F” four. With today’s presidential inauguration today, this perfectly timed release could be just the thing needed to lift spirits.

As We Proceed is the perfect fusion of funk and electronic music. The song starts off with vocals and claps just before it swings into a soulful almost two-step. There are a plethora of instruments to try and single out but once the signature “GRiZMATiK” call is heard at the 1:08 mark the song takes its shape. With a funktastic bassline and filthy synths this song proceeds to showcase the talents of both GRiZ and Gramatik. Check out As We Proceed here and be sure to grab the free download below.

#AsWeProceed into the future, it is more important now than ever to band together as strongly as possible and keep spreading love, positivity, and education. It's up to us…
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Like everything else in the universe, our progress as a species moves forward as a sine wave, relentless ups and downs to infinity… -Gramatik

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