Cosma Releases A Free Trap Banger To Kick Off The Summer

As global warming continues to heat up our atmosphere and every summer gets hotter than the last, so do the singles that come out around this season. Cosma decided to travel through the depths of space and time to bring us his newest track “Enter the Wormhole”. First we're greeted by some cheerful, yet eerie chords powered by a beautifully designed saw lead. Soon after that perfect half time groove kicks in to get your body moving. When the drop hits you'll find yourself face to face with a multitude of different and unique bass leads that are calling and responding perfectly with one another. The drums help for smooth transitions between the A and B parts of the chorus that make for an all around cohesive song. Check out “Enter the Wormhole” below and enjoy the free download!

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Carter Rowland
Hey there! my name is Carter Rowland, a 20 year old from Houston, Texas that's moved to California in the name of music. While I'm following my dreams and attending Icon Collective, I also take time to write things about my inspirations in the industry. If you enjoy all forms of electronic music lets be friends!