Have you ever wondered what exactly is inside Marshmello's Helmet? Obviously, there has to be some kind of machinery that allows lights to dance all over his helmet, but what exactly is it? Youtuber, What's Inside, had the chance to meet the one and only Marshmello, but unfortunately, couldn't see what was inside the official Marshmello helmet. Brightside, they got to look inside a Marshmello helmet of their own!

In What's Inside youtube video, the YouTuber meets Marshmello and even has the chance to see who he truly is (pretty sure it's Dotcom). Once he meets the popular DJ, he receives a Marshmello helmet of his own, signed by the mello DJ himself. After the two finish their meeting, What's Inside and his son decide to cut the precious helmet in half. We discover that inside the helmet, there are head straps that hold the helmet in place and two colorful lights glued above it. The helmet may seem like a pretty simple invention, but fortunately, the Youtube star shares what exactly the official helmet is made of. The actual helmet is made with a 3D Printer and there are only a small amount of them in existence. Marshmello has a few of them, but unfortunately, has gone through a mishap with one of them, as What's Inside kindly shares.

You can check out the Youtube video below.

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