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Facebook to Develop Defense Against Unlicensed Music

In another stride towards being a reliable and trustworthy source of content, Facebook is cracking down on unlicensed music. Amidst the “fake news” outbreak, cover music is being spotlighted as well. Following in the steps of other social media websites, the social media mogul Mark Zuckerburg and his team are working to formulate “a copyright identification system, similar to YouTube's Content ID, that would find and remove videos containing copyrighted music”, a source tells This idea was first reported by Financial Times.

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President and CEO of the National Music Publishers' Association, David Israelite wrote an open editorial in October to Facebook about the issue of cover music being widely spread throughout the site without the proper allowances to do so, another swing back from the music industry in defence of its ownership. In a society where artists and musicians have to hold their art close, there needs to be people who stand on the front lines; David is there.

People have not many things widely in common, but music is one of them. This is why music is talked about and shared constantly on a daily basis. But now, there are massive numbers of people capitalising on other's music. This is where the new copyright identification would step in.

We’re in no man’s land. The internet is still a very grey area. New rules are constantly being written when it comes to the web (and it's endless possibilities for opportunists), and Facebook is now figuring out that some important guidelines are missing to their blueprint.

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