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More Swedish House Mafia Rumors Swirl About Possible 2017 Return

Source: Billboard

Electronic dance music has seen supergroups throughout it's history that have defied the standards and limits of the genre at the time of their existence. Pushing EDM to new heights, groups such as Pendulum, Daft Punkand Justice have helped make electronic music into an iron castle of power and exponential growth that has yet to be stopped. While some of these groups are still active, many have found their way into the graveyard of their live performance days. As sad as we are to see many of them go when they do, we all can always hope and pray for their return some day. The groups named so far are all acts that are relative to the earlier years of electronic music, a time when the importance of the size of their names was unprecedented. However, there has only been one act within the 2010 decade that has reached this level of pure glory. The combination of producers Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso make the monster known as Swedish House Mafia.


Rumors began to swirl in the early months of this year about the possible return of the Swedish trio who captivated audiences up until their final performance at Ultra Music Festival in 2013. The epic performance was watched in person, and all over the world by fans who wept with tears of sadness and joy as they watched their heroes play for one last time. As of a few hours ago, Billboard broke a new story with another new set of rumors that have seemed to be the most concrete possibilities we have seen so far. Billboard has said that multiple sources close to the group have confirmed that the group will be returning to perform as Swedish House Mafia in 2017 with possible locations of performances being New York, Los Angeles, and Ultra Music Festival in Miami once again.

While the previous manager of the group Amy Thompson has denied the claims Billboard has made, she did say “Even if there was (a possible return), it's ridiculously private” sparking the faintest of hopes in SHM fans all over the world. The way we see it, no tours does not mean no single shows. Alas, in reality it is all still speculation and while it's hard for fans not to get giddy over these rumors, remembering what they are and how they work is important to our culture. If Daft Punk played every time a rumor said they would have they would be considered a touring act in the last few years.

At this point, it has become clear that once a group reaches a certain level of fame in our scene, reunion rumors will consistently trickle by every few months. Whether this is for sheer attention, a skillfully played marketing ploy, or just pure speculation, doing our best won't stop us 100% from trying to imagine that it's all real and that we could see the boys on stage together again. Angello, Axwell, Ingrosso, take it from us fans. We have not been able to stop believing these consistent rumors about you, and for good reason. We want you back, and we can't help but play out the scenario in our head. We'll continue to believe in the dream, and you can continue to toy with the idea of bringing it all full circle. We've had more than enough of you and as fans we are grateful, but you can't blame us for wanting a little more can you?

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