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Krafty Vibez releases a new Future Bass track “You and I”

Space-time is a concept that is extremely difficult to grasp and even I cannot wrap my head around the theories surrounding it. The only fact I was able to grasp was that if you’re travelling through space  you are also travelling through time, thus making time slow down. Let me tell you, when I first listened to Krafty Vibez’ “You and I”, I felt as if time had slowed down for me for the next 3 minutes. “You and I” brought sheer enjoyment and relaxation to my ears and soul, making everything around me not matter as much as to what really is most important for me, my own happiness and well-being. The melody can be compared to a blooming flower ready to show how beautiful it is. The melody will instantly catch your tongue as you catch yourself humming to the sound. I urge you to take a chance and allow Krafty Vibez to slow down time for you with his new track “You and I”. As for the space-time continuum, we can worry about understanding it after the song.


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