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A lifetime in the making, the debut album from Aeron Aether is here, ‘Landscapes & Dimensions’

Aeron Aether, celebrated veteran composer and longstanding mastering engineer for the Silk Music imprint, has released dozens of beloved singles and remixes in his illustrious career, including collaborations with the likes of Matt Darey and Mango. Ten years in the making, his debut album, “Landscapes & Dimensions,” finds the Hungarian virtuoso in peak form. A champion of various shades of house and trance, as well as a pioneer of the melodic progressive breaks genre, Aeron continues to test the boundaries of sound design, all the while showcasing his unique brand of forward-thinking, cinematic, and emotive electronic music.

“Landscapes & Dimensions” is as warm and as a cool summertime breeze. With amazing ambient, progressive, & deep house elements throughout the entire album, Aether shows his pure talent in every sense of the word.

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Below is a wonderful track by track breakdown of each track from Aeron himself. You can see how much blood, sweat & tears were put into this magic. It's more than just music. Its life.

01 Aeron Aether – Florescence
“The starting point of “Florescence” is a 10-year-old unreleased song, ‘Far Away From Home', which I wanted to improve a few years ago. It became a whole different track. The original harp melodies are completed with new elements, including the wonderful vocal of Hajnal Rizner, which creates the atmosphere of a blossoming field.”

02 Aeron Aether feat. Sebastian – Falling
“I wrote the vocals of ‘Falling' originally for a banging big room track collaboration — it was played on ASOT years ago, but it was never released. Wanting to save the wonderful vocals from Sebastian, I decided to create a cinematic / soundtrack feel around it for my album and turn it to something totally different with strong emotional counterpoints.”

03 Aeron Aether – Avar
“I started this track for fun, using different sampling techniques from my own prerecorded melodies. It eventually grew into a full song in itself. The word “avar” refers to the fallen leafs that cover the ground. For me, it also signifies the end of summer, as well as the beginning of new organic life, which use the leaves to grow, to hide, to eat, and to cover themselves.”

04 Aeron Aether & Terry Da Libra – Hope Unchained
“Only a few days passed since the first promos left, but Cosmic Gate (Wake Your Mind 206), Roger Shah (Magic Island 513), and Bobina (Nr. 492 Russia Goes Clubbing) already supported the first album single, “Hope Unchained”, which we did together with my friend, Terry Da Libra. Please let me share Cosmic Gate's WYM set with you, where they mention our track as a “Progressive Melodic Beauty”, right at the beginning.”

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05 Aeron Aether feat. Sean Darin – Sparks (Album Version)
“The starting point for Sparks was a bit of a sound design mess: a lot of different sounds in the same key designed with different techniques, in a pointless way. Then I started to mess around with them, and the Original Mix turned up a few weeks later. In 2014 it was released with the great vocals of Sean Darin. This 2018 version is further refined for the album.”

06 Aeron Aether – Mind Driver
“Most of my fans know me from my past breakbeat songs, but my album mostly explores other genres. I really wanted to have a new track for my friends out there who still love breakbeat. I wrote the breakdown several years ago, and recorded live guitars as well back then, but all the rest was finished within the last year for this album. Hope it moves your soul.”

07 Aeron Aether feat. Krister Linder – The Foil Crowned King
“Krister Linder is one of my favourite singers of all time, so my dream come true with this track. An analog synth dictates the rhythm, to which the slow atmospheric elements are added; soaring above, Krister's perfectly lush vocal creates another world that the listener can dissolve into.”

08 Aeron Aether – Pulsaar
“Originally started in 2013, this project was shelved until very recently, when I finally completed it for the album. This is my first ever drum & bass composition.”

09 Aeron Aether, Bobalino feat. Jay Furze – Titans (Album Version)
“Titans” began as a great original track from Bobalino, featuring the powerful vocals of Jay Furze, turned upside down by myself with new beats, additional melodies, and a totally new vibe, created as a special edition for my album.”

10 Aeron Aether & Retroid feat. Simon Latham – The Story Goes (Album Mix)
“This moody track, which began as an earlier collaboration with Retroid, includes the lyrics of vocals of the wonderful Simon Latham. The album version is reenergized and improved with a polished new mix. New beats are added to create a much stronger take and emphasize the mood of the original; live guitars have also been added by the songwriter and guitarist Nimi.”

11 Aeron Aether – Eden
“Once in a while I write symphonic music. I played cello in my childhood, and cinematic music remains in my heart. Eden is a simple, but emotionally stirring example of my work in this direction.”

12 Aeron Aether – Baranya
“Baranya is actually the name of a Hungarian country — it means a lot to me. I was born and raised in Siklós, and spent my first 30 years in Baranya. Originally I started this track as an improvisational performance; the goal was to demonstrate how can you make electronic music that sounds acoustic. It turned out to sound and feel more like a Hungarian folk song, and I decided to write lyrics to this direction. Orsolya Takács, a member of a Hungarian folk-inspired band, Ciráda, did some great improvizational violin takes for me, and I was also privileged to receive the vocals of Nimi, our mutual friend.”

13 Aeron Aether – Summaer On
“Summaer On is an uplifting song for summertime, composed in similar fashion to “Baranya” (that is, as a live piece that evolved into a folk-influenced composition). Sonically, it is the happy little sister of Baranya, the preceding track on the album.”

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14 Aeron Aether – Syntharsia
“I wanted to conclude the album with an especially evocative and “epic” piece. I created this song by using a variety of analog and digital synthesizers.”

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