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Above & Beyond Release New Music Video For “Another Chance”

When it comes to electronic music, there are many who have found solace in the music and the scene the comes with it. Certain artists for many are acts that can defy the effects of outside life, and help fans feel the things that help them through the darkest and brightest of times. Without a doubt the artist that does this with the most efficiency and consistency is trance trio Above & Beyond. Over the last 10+ years the group has had a career that arguably has been one of the most successful in electronic music history. With a dedicated fan base and a firm hold on their genre's hierarchy, there seems to be nothing that can stop Tony, Jono, and Paavo. In their early years, one of the more emotional sides of their productions came to fruition in their OceanLab project, which until recently had been on a multiyear hiatus.

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The key difference between their normal productions and those released under the OceanLab project, is the addition of vocalist Justine Suissa. Producing ever lasting songs such as “On a Good Day” and “Satellite” The group tapped into their most inner emotions, and in turn, stole the hearts and sorrows of many of their fans in a way no one thought possible. Releases under the project had been quiet since 2009 until as a surprise, the group announced a new release at their ABGT 150 event.

The release was entitled “Another Chance” and came as a combination of three versions of the song. The first being the original, and the other two being their acoustic and club mix versions of the track. The club mix has grown in popularity and has dominated the fan base over the last year, and as of two days ago, it now is accompanied by a beautifully done Music Video. The video features a metaphorical love story based on a shipwreck containing the two lovers. The lyrics of the song speak of someone finding the ability to love again after what seems to be a destructive break up. The piece fits beautifully with the newly released video. Check out the video below, and allow the group to take you on yet another one of their coveted emotional trips.

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