Kweku Saunderson, nephew to the great Kevin Saunderson, comes at us with a melodic journey from afro-beat vibes to the tech house floors on his genre-defying track Do Us. The track Kweku says is a game changer, and we agree, the vibes and emotion we felt on first listen is nothing short of breathtaking.  We asked Kweku what the song was about and he said “A lot of chaos was around me regarding my relationship with my girl. Outsiders speaking negatively on it and so on… then one day we had an euphoric day together, that night I went to the studio and felt compelled to sing about our love and how we will continue to do us.”  

With Guidance from his uncle Kevin, Kweku looks at to have a bright future,  when we asked him about his relationship with Kevin he said “I took a little from my Detroit background and added a current urban sound to it. I've seen DJ's pitch records up so, so I thought, “What if the whole vocal part was pitched?” My Uncle Kevin liked it when I went to stay with him and played for him around Movement, so we decide to remix it with that purist underground sound.”


We look forward to hearing more beats throughout the rest of 2016.


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