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This Remix Contest Automatically Uploads Your Track to Spotify & Apple Music

Today we're unveiling something really cool – a remix contest with Metapop. You may not have heard of Metapop yet, but if you're a producer in this scene, you're definitely about to. 
Metapop is a company that, long story short, tracks down fan remixes of tracks – a fan remix is exactly what you think it is, a remix that is unofficial. Generally, labels hate these. These remixes haven't been sanctioned and it now falls to the label to track these down and ask that they be removed from the internet. A common story – this action literally happens everyday on Soundcloud. 
In steps Metapop. They use their tech to identify these remixes, pair them with the rights holders of the samples within them, and allow for both sides to benefit by effectively monetizing what was previously making zero money for both sides (this Forbes interview with the founder, Matt Adell, does a better job of explaining it). 
To bolster this, they've recently introduced a Remix This remix competition. What makes this particular remix comp different from the million others is that is guarantees placement into digital providers like Spotify and Apple Music via the Metapop technology! This is really cool – this could be really revolutionary for an industry that is hurting for money on the record side. 

There is also a large prize package included along with the ability to be commercially release, too. This week the original track being remixed is a Karine Hannah track, who of course is a newly minted signee to Cash Money Records. Yup, that's THE Cash Money Records – home of Drake.  

The full prize package is a release on Cash Money Records and a commercial release on Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, a copy of Native Instruments Komplete, and a $250.00 gift card from Judged by Cash Money and Karine Hannah.
There is also a second remix contest with house legend Eddie Amador, which you can enter here. The prize is equally amazing. 

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