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Exclusive Premiere

Sumthin Sumthin- Howl (Original Mix) [EDMSauce Premiere]

For many, if you ask about the French Label/Collective Rooftops Horizon, they may not know what you're talking about, but for those who do, they're avid fans, and for reasons like this. Young, groundbreaking artists are constantly featured on their Soundcloud, and their newest release by California native Sumthin Sumthin, is simply no exception. Picture this: a musician with a story to tell, and he's telling it all on his own. That's what you should think when you think Sumthin Sumthin. While it may seem to flow and sound effortless, the amount of care and polishing gone into each of his works proves a point of how much dedication he's brought to the table. Now that he's steadily launching onto the scene, you can see that he's improving with each track he puts out, and “Howl” is only the beginning. How you can blend so many varying elements into something; I am still trying to figure out. Check out the track below, and remember you heard it first here on EDMSauce!

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