Canadian multi-genre singer-songwriter DELANEY JANE celebrates the release of “HOWL,” her debut single with an breathe-taking music video. Most known for her features and collaborations with some of the biggest names in electronic dance music and tracks of the last decade, Delaney is now focusing her passion for singing and songwriting into her solo project.

“HOWL,” produced by Shaun Frank and co-written by singer-songwriter Ashe, is the first of many stories Delaney is eager to share with the world. She says, “HOWL is undeniably about missing someone, but for me it was more about coming to terms with the fact that they’re gone. Through that revelation I found liberation, and was finally able to begin letting go of the deep heartache I felt.”

“HOWL” is also accompanied by an emotionally raw and compelling music video. With a unique sound and brand of her own, the budding solo artist is set to continue her growth with her new original music. Look for Delaney Jane to release her debut EP in 2018.

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