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Louis Vivet: Breaking the Mold in a Saturated Scene

A collective of op-ed articles have come to life after the recent speculation that EDM is ‘dying', although widely untrue, those in the scene can collectively agree that the popularity of EDM occurred in such a short time period that it opened the flood gates for new producers and DJ's, which in turn, saturated the market with mediocrity, ghost productions, and cookie cutter music. Of course, not all of the music out there fits into this category, but it can be widely agreed this has become an issue as of late.

This saturation of the market has caused a movement that is pushing producers around the globe to create new records that stray away from the common EDM festival banger sound and showcase more of a melodic, live facet. Some of the artists breaking the mold are GRYFFIN, Louis The Child, Hotel G, and especially newcomer, Louis Vivet.

Press Photo 1 (Fall 2015)

Producing duo, Louis Vivet, consisting of Nicholas II and Aria S, have climbed the ranks in the Los Angeles electronic dance music scene after a breakout year. Pairing production talent with performing arts, Louis Vivet has found huge success in creating renditions of popular tracks (more on this later). Their live performances have captivated audiences, highlighted by their diverse track selection that reflects their artistic abilities.

When they aren't producing, they are piecing together every aspect of their show, working on new graphics or visuals to enhance their live shows. Much like international dance music superstar, Feed Me, Nicholas II oversees the art direction and overall brand. This careful crafting has allowed Louis Vivet to carefully construct each show with an emphasis on narrative storytelling through art and music.

As stated before, Louis Vivet has found success in re-working popular vocal driven tracks, such as Eagle Eye Cherry's popular 90's hit, ‘Save Tonight'. Their rework has received nearly 1.5 Million plays on Soundcloud and propelled them into a breakout year. True to their artistic vision, the record is enveloped in cruising bass-lines, beautiful duets, and flowing rhythms. Take a listen to the re-work below:

Currently the duo is working on an original track, again, driven by a lighter, melodic, and theory derived track called ‘Best Thing' that releases on Thrive Music April 15th. Check out the teaser video created for it's release below.

All in all, we see plenty of musicians and artists attempting to break the mold of the current industry scene which most likely has caused the whole idea that electronic dance music is ‘dying'. Louis Vivet proves this isn't true, rather, they are currently assisting in the paradigm shift of a scene that is being reborn into a more advanced, melodic movement, that focuses on production and treats it as a delicate art form.

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