Back Like You've Never Seen Him Before

Refusing to stay quiet, our Holland Hero, Hardwell, has returned for a groundbreaking, 360 degree virtual reality headliner.

Keeping himself busy, Hardwell has managed to stir the waters with the latest release of his new album “Mad World” featuring a back home premiere via “The Voice of Holland” radio.

Merely lining up his latest and greatest in preparation for a killer set –  the likes of which we have never seen.

Checkout the the launch video below if you're “VR” enabled:

Hardwell 360 degrees livestream announcement #Hardwell360 March 16 Nikki Beach

360 Degrees of Awesomeness

That's right. This week, Hardwell announced that fans around the world will soon be able to experience his Miami Music Week performance at Nikki Beach. Set to be exclusively streamed on Littlstar, a global network (dedicated to 360 degree virtual reality solutions), the performance will grant exclusive access to the DJ's point of view. A stunning panoramic vista of lights, lasers and hyped up fans.

The generous Hardwell and his partners in crime, Littlstar, Leaseweb, and VBR, will be providing the event to be streamed live in VR and that gorgeous, aforementioned 360 video. Available on all VR headsets, iOS, Android, Apple TV and the web.


360 camera_ball_nokiaTechnological Wizardry 

Providing this groundbreaking entertainment will be no small task. A highly specialized 360 camera will be mounted immediately behind Hardwell during his performance. The High definition video clips are then encoded, compressed, stitched together, doused with a heaping of magic, and sprinkled with a dash of ketamine before being piped through the inter webs only to be displayed mere inches from your glorious face.

360 cyberspace spin GIFThe Future certainly is now isn't it? 

One Small Step for Hardwell…

One Giant leap for EDM fans everywhere!

(Particularly for fan's that have no money or don't reside in Miami.)

And what a big leap it is. As Hardwell has become one of the most nominated artists in the annual International Dance Music Awards (IDMA’s) in Miami, with an astounding twelve nominations including recognition for ‘Best Solo Artist’ and ‘Best Global DJ’ amongst many others.

Hardwell, like a Spaceman, is once again going above and beyond. Continually pushing the boundaries of the EDM experience from the dance floor and into the home. Or whatever shaggy broom closet and or lair you keep your computer in.

With all that said, let's take a throwback to one of Hardwell's best as we appear to be reaching all new heights this 16th:

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