“So I was thinking about how no one ever makes a remix of a song, then mashes it up with other vocals… So I did it. I made a remix of Steve James's masterpiece “Renaissance”, then swapped out the vocals to tell a classic story of heartbreak through Selena and Justin's lyrics because why not?”
-Kap Slap

When you think of mashups, a few names or producers come to mind and Kap Slap is certainly one of them. He has been busy touring, and working on original material but went back to where it all began on his latest remix. Whether you want to call it a mashup, a remix or both, this one has a little different twist to it as he created a music video that perfectly goes along with the track. Even if you don't like Bieber or Selena, you have to appreciate how talented Kap Slap is in putting this one together. It's pretty awesome. Check out the video below!

Click HERE to download ‘Same Old Sorry'

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