Best friends do everything together. Matt Halper and Eli Sones are no different. After going to high school together in Los Angeles, California, the duo decided to combine their passion for music during their senior year, and with that, “The Two Friends” was formed. Fast forward a few years, and now one of the brightest and most promising up-and-coming acts in the world of progressive house music is making strides left and right.

They are probably most well know for their now 11 ‘Big Bootie Mixes'. These mixes are some of my favorite mixes as they mash-up EDM with rock, pop, 80's music, and even video game drops.

Below you can check out the 11th version of the Big Bootie Mix, which is an hour long joy ride. With samples from Jay-Z, Backstreet Boys, Good Charlotte, Men At Work, EA Sports, R.Kelly & more, this mix has something from every genre, yet it mixes ohhhh so well.

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